Can I Build A Wall In My Garden

Can I Build A Wall In My Garden?

Whether you want to add curb appeal to your property or create more privacy around your outdoor living space, building a wall in your garden can improve the look and feel of your home. While there are a few legal and logistical considerations to bear in mind before you start building, there is no reason why you cannot make your dream garden wall a reality.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

The answer to this question depends on the size and type of wall that you are planning to construct. Generally, freestanding walls of up to one meter high will usually not require planning permission. For walls higher than one meter, planning permission may be necessary and will be determined by the local authority.

What Type Of Wall Should I Build?

When deciding which type of wall is best for your garden, you should factor in:

  • Purpose: Are you looking for a wall for aesthetic appeal or for more functional purposes such as security or privacy?
  • Budget: What is your budget for the project?
  • Space: How much space do you have in your garden?

Your choice of wall material will depend on the answers to these questions. Common garden wall materials include wood, brick, stone, and concrete. Each of these materials offers different advantages such as durability, affordability, and aesthetic appeal.

How Can I Build A Garden Wall?

Building a wall in your garden can be a daunting task, so it is important to plan your project carefully. Once you have chosen the type of wall you want to build, here are some of the steps involved in constructing it:

  1. Clear the area: Remove any vegetation from the area where you plan to build the wall.
  2. Lay the foundations: Dig a trench for the foundations and lay a suitable base material. This is typically a 4-6 inch layer of gravel or sand.
  3. Lay the bricks or stones: Start laying the bricks or stones in the foundation, beginning at the corner of the wall and working your way out.
  4. Fill the gaps: Fill any gaps between the stones or bricks with mortar or cement.
  5. Cure the wall: Allow the mortar or cement to dry and cure before continuing with any further work.
  6. Finish the wall: Apply a sealant to the wall to help protect it from the elements.


Building a wall in your garden is a great way to add value to your property and create an outdoor living space that you can enjoy for years to come. With careful planning and a little help from some professionals, you can create a wall that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.