Gardening Made Easy for the Busy Mom

Garden tips for busy moms.

I’ve been thinking about planting a garden with my kids, and I really liked your tips! I especially loved the idea of using a soda bottle to make a drip feeder system. I think I’ll try this idea with my kids so that watering the plants is easier for them. Great tips, thanks for the advice!

One of the coolest things about our backyard is the gorgeous fenced-in garden area that was here when we moved into the house. That first spring, the kids and I couldn’t wait to plant seeds and seedlings- and without much forethought or “education”- we ended up with a rather bountiful vegetable garden! Over the years, we’ve learned a few things to maximize our harvest for our DIY Summer Camp at home! Here are 12 tips on how to grow a vegetable garden with your kids!

Walk through the garden with your child. Spend a few minutes in the garden every day, or at least a few times per week. Walk through and point out the progress since your last visit. Your child is likely to notice interesting things that you probably missed!

Easy gardening tips for busy moms.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help Sadly, sometimes you may have a gardening fail and you need to ask for help. This may be something as simple as just asking for advice or it can be more. I’ve asked my mom for a lot of help, because she is a gardening guru! Recently, I had three rose bushes die! I’m not sure if it was from some ant killer that my husband put down OR this weird fungus I noticed on the leaves the last few years (and didn’t treat- oops!). In any case, these rose bushes that were 13+ years old DIED. I’m a busy mom, so of course I asked my mom for some help! She’s coming over this week to help me pull them out, put down new soil and to plant some new ones. I’m also going to space them out better this time! Asking for help may be hard, because sometimes you don’t want to bother someone else with your concerns or problems. But, my mom was actually happy to help and it’ll give us some mom/daughter bonding time, too! Sometimes I ask my husband for help, such as to get a small sapling out that has sprouted in the garden bed. Or, our white fence started to grow green mold on it and I asked to borrow my mom’s power washer. We are even going to get a bush that is half dead pulled out by professionals, because my husband doesn’t have time to do it. If you need help, get help! Don’t feel bad! Time is precious!

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I want to create a community full of busy moms who want to garden easily. There is a system for everything to bring simplicity to life. By bringing you step by step guidelines, checklists, videos, & even live calls, you will get you the information and help in becoming a confident gardener.