How To Find The Right Plants For Your Garden

How To Find The Right Plants For Your Garden

Creating a healthy, lush garden requires careful attention to the types of plants you choose. With the right selection of foliage, you can create an oasis of beauty and tranquility right in your own backyard. Follow this guide and you’ll find the ideal plants to bring your dream garden to life.

Understand Your Climate and Soil Conditions

Research and identify your local climate and soil type. Many plants flourish in the Southeast, for instance, but can’t survive in the cooler climates of the Northwest. And the amount of rainfall and humidity can affect the kind of plants you choose. You’ll also need to know the pH level of your soil and what amendments, if any, you will need to add in order to ensure proper nutrition for your plants.

Choose the Right Plants for Your Garden Style

Do you want to create a formal English garden? Maybe you’d prefer a low-maintenance cottage garden? Use these styles as your guide when selecting plants. Here are some common garden styles and the types of plants you should consider for each one:

  • Formal English Garden: Choose plants with symmetrical shapes, such as boxwood, roses and lavender.
  • Cottage Garden: Add a relaxed, romantic feel with flowers such as poppies, peonies and delphinium.
  • Edible Garden: If your goal is to grow delicious food, look for vegetables such as tomatoes, squash and peppers.
  • Zen Garden: Make your sanctuary complete with calming grasses, bamboo and evergreens.

Investigate Plant Options and Buy

Once you know what style you’re aiming for and what type of plants are suited to your climate, begin researching options. Ask questions of your local nursery to ensure the plants you pick are right for your garden.

After you make your selection, carefully read the instructions on the nursery tags and follow them when you plant. Lastly, be sure the plants get enough water and are properly pruned and cared for. With the right practice and instructions, you can have a flourishing, stunning garden in no time.


Creating a beautiful garden is a rewarding experience. By researching your local climate and soil conditions and selecting the right plants for your desired garden style, you can make your garden an oasis of tranquility and beauty.