How To Grow Plants With No Windows

How To Grow Plants With No Windows

Growing plants without a window can be a tricky task, but not impossible. Plants don’t necessarily need access to direct sunlight to survive, as long as they get enough artificial light. Artificial light can be just as effective as a window when it comes to growing plants indoors.

Step 1: Plant Selection

The key to successful gardening without a window is selecting the right plants. Not all plants need direct sunlight, and some will even do better in indirect or artificial light. Here are some plants that are ideal for growing indoors without a window:

  • Mushrooms– mushrooms crave darkness, so no window is great for these.
  • Succulents– succulents do not need much light and often prefer partial shade.
  • Air plants– air plants don’t need soil and can survive well in artificial light.
  • Ferns– a great option for indirect light, ferns are resilient and easy to care for.

Step 2: Optimal Temperature

Temperature is another factor to consider when growing plants without a window. Most plants need temperatures of around 65-75°F. It is important to keep the room at a consistent temperature and make sure that it is not too hot or too cold.

Step 3: Artificial Light

An artificial light source is essential when growing plants indoors without a window. Choose a light that is specifically designed for growing plants or buy a combination of lights. You may need to adjust the lighting periodically to make sure your plants are getting enough light.

Step 4: Water and Fertilizer

Water and fertilizer are essential for any plant. Make sure to water your plants regularly and use fertilizer if needed. Consult the specific directions for your plants to ensure that you are providing enough water and fertilizer.


Growing plants without a window is a challenging but achievable task. With the right plants and proper care, you can have a thriving garden indoors, no window required.