How To Plant A Garden Trough

How To Plant A Garden Trough

Garden troughs are a popular way to create a small, contained garden in any size space. Troughs can be hung, placed on a table, or set on the ground. The following steps will help you create a beautiful and thriving garden trough.

Step 1: Select A Container

Choose a container that is large enough and deep enough to accommodate the plants you have chosen. For small plants, a shallow trough or window box works best. But, larger plants may need a larger container that is at least a foot deep.

Step 2: Fill The Container With Soil

Fill the container with a quality, enriched soil mix. Make sure the soil is level, as uneven soil can hamper the growth of your plants.

Step 3: Plant The Plants

Select your plants and arrange them in the container. Take into consideration the sunlight and drainage requirements for each of your plants.

Step 4: Water The Plants

Make sure your plants receive an adequate amount of water. Water the trough weekly, or more often in hot weather, making sure the soil does not become soggy.

Step 5: Feed The Plants

Fertilize your plants regularly with a liquid fertilizer. Follow the directions on the fertilizer package for the amount and frequency of feeding.

Step 6: Prune The Plants

Prune your plants as needed. This will help the plants stay healthy and promote new growth.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Garden Trough

Once your garden trough is established, sit back and enjoy the beauty of your creation.

Is It Difficult To Plant A Garden Trough?

No, planting a garden trough is not difficult. With a little preparation and the right plants, you can have a thriving garden trough in no time. Just be sure to select the right container, fill it with the proper soil, choose plants that fit the space, and give them the water and nutrients they need to thrive.