How To Start A Gardening Journal

How To Start A Gardening Journal

People often start a garden in their backyard or patio, with the hope of having a successful outdoor space. But that space can be achieved only if you have a plan and are able to keep track of progress. This is where a gardening journal comes in. It is an essential tool for keeping track of your garden and ensuring it’s success. Here is how you can begin your own.

1. Find A Suitable Journal

The first step is to find a journal that is suitable for you. You want to make sure it is large enough to add all your notes, sketches, and observations. It should also be easy to carry so that you can always have it with you while you are gardening. Look for a journal specifically designed for gardening and one that has plenty of space inside.

2. Make A List Of Your Garden

Once you have your journal, you’ll want to make a list of all the plants in your garden so you can start tracking their progress. This list should include scientific and common names, as well as a basic description of the variety. You may also want to include a photo for each.

3. Track The Weather

It is essential to track the weather in your area when gardening. Record the temperature, rain, humidity, and any other seasonal events. When you start seeing patterns in your area, you’ll be able to better predict and plan for future plantings.

4. Record Your Observations

Now that you have your journal, you can start to make notes of your observations as you go. This will help you remember how things looked at a certain time and what changes were made. Notes might include when a plant was pruned, how it looked after a particular season, etc.

5. Add Photos & Sketches

Photos and sketches are an excellent way to record your plants’ progression. You can even draw maps or diagrams to better keep track of what’s going on in your garden.

6. Track Your Progress

Finally, you’ll want to track your progress in your garden so you can celebrate your successes and learn from your mistakes. This can be as simple as keeping track of when plants were added and when they do well.


Creating a gardening journal is essential for any successful backyard garden. It is a great tool for tracking and documenting your garden’s progress over time. With a journal in hand, you’ll be able to easily keep track of all the plants in your garden, follow the weather patterns in your area, and monitor the successes and failures in your gardening efforts.